Our Mission

We want to make local communities thrive in an increasingly virtual, online world. The Internet has changed the world, but not always for the better. We believe that communities, real ones where people live, work and play are the most important. They're who we're working for.

Shoppin' Network

The Shoppin’ Network is the ultimate tool for merchants to maximize their profits by providing sales instead of click-throughs for a very low fixed rate and no additional fees.


ShopMyLocalStores was created as a tool to help local merchants attract and retain shoppers who are already shopping locally by offering a high value rewards program without a listing fee.


MyDealBroker was created as tool to help local merchants find the right price, at the right time. Its on-site bidding made it very difficult for online retailers to beat your prices.

Shoppin' Network


The Shoppin’ Network gives shoppers the opportunity take advantage of great local deals and earn bonus-cash while being completely anonymous.

Our mobile app displays all of the locally available deals sorted by distance and broken down into twenty six or more easily viewed categories.

These mobile-only deals are presented as individual special offers or groups of offers from a single merchant all in a single feed. You view an offer by pressing on its picture where you can learn more about the offer and its merchant. When you’re at the merchant’s store you’ll be able to press the Coupon button to redeem the offer and earn some bonus-cash.

You can exchange your bonus cash even-up for discounts of $5, $10, $15, $20 and $25, at any participating merchant.

Live and shop local by finding the right deal, at the right price, right now at one of your participating local merchants!


For a very modest flat fee the Shoppin’ Network delivers sales to merchants instead of views or click-throughs without commissions, listing fees or other service charges. That means they’ll get a 100% return on their expenditures, and that contributes directly to their bottom line.

Paying only for sales also has other benefits like giving a merchant the ability to offer one-of-a-kind items or selling out a limited inventory with a running count down.

Their deals are delivered during normal business hours or any part of the day, or even after regular business hours. With each sale a merchant sets aside a little bonus cash.

When a shopper returns to redeem a discount you'll be rewarding that customer’s loyalty, and when a new shopper redeems a discount you'll be gaining a new customer.

It’s a great combination of making more sales by paying less, and vastly lowering the cost of acquiring new customers and retaining satisfied ones.

For more information please visit Shoppin' Network.


Shoppers want the following qualities from their purchases: great price, great quality and great service. We’ve been reliably informed that you have any combination of two of these qualities, but not all three. And that makes sense.

Online merchants primarily focus on having a great price because they can buy in bulk. But it’s a toss up on what their choice for a second quality would be.

Local merchants typically opt for great quality and great service, but can still offer the occasional “sale” price to increase traffic. ShopMyLocalStores gives local merchants an additional edge that online merchants can’t. A shop-local rewards program that rewards current customers and attract new ones as well.

ShopMyLocalStores is not a typical rewards program with points of a nebulous value. Its reward points are worth 25 cents each. It doesn’t take too many purchases to earn some real value. And that value can be translated into a cash discount on a purchase at any participating merchant in any city.

Instead of a listing fee merchants only pay a small price for each point awarded to a shopper on the redemption of an eCoupon.

Slated to be launched in the summer of 2017 ShopMyLocalStores was shelved as a result of Hurricane Harvey's arrival in the Houston area.

However our infrastructure was never in danger. All of system services are hosted by InfoBunker. InfoBunker operates a government communications bunker, purpose-built by the military to house sensitive electronic gear during the Cold War. It’s been designed to survive a 20-megaton nuclear blast from 2.5 miles. So if you need powerful, secure and essentially indestructible hosting we’d certainly recommend them.


Crump Technologies' innovative MyDealBroker service up-ends the retail marketplace making traditional stores more competitive with large Internet retailers by fundamentally changing how consumers shop Large Internet retailers seem to have the all of the cards stacked in their favor; a larger and more diverse customer base, no expensive front-end to maintain and lower overheads. It works for them because they use your store as a showroom, and your sales associates to satisfy their shoppers need for first-hand information and experience. Discounting your merchandise with frequent sales to bring in shoppers accomplishes that, but does it increase your bottom line over the long term? Since it's hard to compete on price and stay in business.

You try services like Groupon or LivingSocial to draw in new customers by giving away great deals only to discover that the promised repeat business doesn't always live up to your expectations. You spend more precious resources on mobile marketing strategies that focus on diverting your shoppers attention from your prices by enhancing their “experience”, often by giving rewards frequent shoppers. Ultimately you end up placing slow moving items on clearance and take a loss.

People come into your store, look around, talk to a sales associate and then pull out their phone and find a better price somewhere else.

MyDealBroker changes all of that by 1) improving your profitability, 2) strengthens your competitive position, 3) engages your shoppers fully, 4) encourages your shoppers to buy here and now, 5) changes the meaning of having the “best price”, 6) Reduces the importance of offering sales, 7) and eliminates the need to clearance merchandise. MyDealBroker is a low-cost and risk-free solution for competing effectively against Internet retailers. MyDealBroker was discontinued in 2013

MTClient: My Transcription Client

MyTranscriptionClient (MTClient) is an online transcription education software program. Used by transcription education programs, MTClient enables students to learn all functions of the transcription process while gaining real world experience. Students and instructors use MTClient to assign, transcribe, turn in, and grade transcription assignments.

MTClient is a self contained system that runs on our servers and uses our technical staff. Your audio files, transcript answer keys and corresponding templates for each report are loaded on the MTClient servers. Courses are set up and students and instructors are entered into the system. The instructor assigns dictation assignments to their students.

Student downloads the audio and corresponding template onto his/her computer in a temporary status and transcribes the report. When the assignment is completed the students uploads it to the MTClient server. The instructor grades the report using the automated grading system. Both student and instructor can then review the graded report.

The transcription work is done using Microsoft Word on the student's computer with the MTClient audio player. The student will use the transcription foot pedal provided by the school to complete their work. Students can work off of different personal computers, at home or in a lab setting, to complete their assignments.

With the transcription industry advancing from tapes to digital recordings, MTClient provides your institution a way to give your students the real world training they need to be successful after completing their education.

Sourced from the MyTranscriptionClient website, CSDP copyright © 2009

Originally the MTClient system was designed by Jeff Crump in 2006 as an unsolicited solution to telephony, document and audio problems that Computer Systems Design and Programming of Bettendorf, Iowa was experiencing with their medical transcription service. However, CSDP sold off their medical transcription service shortly thereafter.

A year later CSDP expressed interest as marketing it as an online training service to colleges and trade schools. Within a month the service was modified and put in service as a joint venture. In 2015 CSDP purchased all rights and intellectual property and continue to operate the service.

IVR System: Interactive Voice Response

A custom, programable IVR system was designed and delivered within 30 days to KM2 Solutions. It was used as a voice menu front-end for one their call centers.

It featured a visual designer to create and manage the call flow, a pair of telephony servers using my custom telephony server, each supporting six Dialogic D240-T1 telephony interface cards. They handled a total of 276 incomming calls at once.

A single database server managed and stored the data and audio. It was built with a split backplane, processor and drive array that supported a live-failover capability

After its installation into the NAP of the Americas in 2006 it was operated for almost 4 years without any hardware or software failures before decommissioning.

virtualTapedrive: Secure online backup service for business

virtualTapedrive is the software front end to Data Systems Development's online storage service. It provided a simple, but comprehensive, interface for managing online remote storage needs.

In conjunction with the vtdClient service running in the background, virtualTapedrive can backup and restore your files even after having logged out for the day. For long term storage needs, virtualTapedrive's Archive module stores a file once and then can retrieve it at a later date; such as a historical spreadsheet or document.

To manage files that change frequently, virtualTapedrive schedules routine backups on selected files and file folders. It also automatically append files to the backup sets. The Routine backup works like a virtual tape rotation. A full 7 day rotation is standard, with a 52 week and 12 month rotation schedule available as options.

In those cases where you want to store a set of files at a particular point in time, virtualTapedrive takes a Snapshot of those files. For those Critical files which need to be stored off site immediately after a change, virtualTapedrive manages a mirrored copy of those files.

Finally, virtualTapedrive provides a Shared backup where users can make selected copies of their files available to others.

ICARUS: Inter-Company Area Resource Utilization Simulation

ICARUS is a Lagrange based hourly chronological electric production cost model that uses the Monte Carlo technique to simulate unit forced outages. It has been designed to be a powerful general purpose tool for analyzing power system economics that exceeds at capturing a system’s operation dynamics. It has the ability to commit and dispatch a system at least-cost under emissions constraints for SO2 or NOx.

In addition to performing production cost studies, ICARUS can be used for resource allocation studies, fuel use budgeting, transaction evaluation, marketing pricing analysis, load management with direct load control, emissions evaluation and control, and capacity expansion planning.

ICARUS uses hourly chronological load profiles represent the energy demand on a system. This technique captures the affects time-dependent contraints such as unit ramp rates, thermal startup and banking costs, hydro storage limits, and pump storage operations.

Its unit commitment algorithm implements a Lagrangian Relaxation technique to determine the optimal and feasible schedule for operating the generators. In minimizing costs subject to emission limits ICARUS uses a shadow price component applied to each unit's fuel cost in minimizing the object cost function.

The hydro unit models include run-of-river, differential gate height and pumped storage. Optimizing pump storage utilization requires finding the marginal cost between pumping and off-peak thermal generation.

ICARUS was developed by Jeff Crump in 1990 for his first company Daedalus Simulations, Inc. It was written for DOS using Borland Pascal and featured a unique and intuitive user interface.

Our Team

The Shoppin' Network is a mobile sales and rewards service created and operated by Crump Technologies, Inc. a class C corporation incorporated in Scott County, Iowa and registered as a foreign corporation in the State of Texas.
Jeff Crump

Jeffery Crump
President / Developer
Spring, TX

Jeff has been developing software for almost 40 years and working for himself for the last 20. His first commercial product was the ICARUS Electric Production Cost Model a comprehensive tool for modeling power system economic performance.

His first online service was the virtualTapedrive an online data backup service for business. His second online service, in a joint venture with Computer Systems Design and Programming (CSDP), was the MyTranscriptionClient a remote transcription training service used by colleges across the US.

Prior to creating the Shoppin' Network he also created the ShopMyLocalStores and MyDealBroker integrated mobile, web and back-end services. In addition he has also designed several telephony server systems and other products for companies that he has worked for.

Besides being a software developer Jeff has filled many different positions during his career including Director of Information Technology, Director of Operations Planning and Computer Resources, Operation Planner, and Manager of Engineering.

Stacy Pitts

Stacy Pitts
Vice President
Spring, TX

Stacy has been an office manager and treatment coordinator in Dentistry for over 30 years.

She is experienced in building and leading teams, and has a strong practical backgound in service based businesses and customer care.

She also is a gifted marketer, copywriter and researcher.

John Schwegler

John Schwegler
Director of Sales
Bettendorf, IA

John has been involved in sales and marketing for over 30 years and truly enjoys meeting with business owners and helping them grow their business.

He has been very successful in selling various software systems over the years and has made a lot of good friends from the businesses that he has worked with.

Dennis Voss

Dennis Voss
Bettendorf, IA

With many different business interests Dennis is both a capable leader and advisor.

He is the President and owner of Galaxy1 Marketing, Inc. Galaxy 1 Marketing, Inc is an authorized DISH Satellite television Retailer specializing in Satellite television and Internet service.

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According to CalOPPA, we agree to the following:
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It's also important to note that we do not allow third-party behavioral tracking

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When it comes to the collection of personal information from children under the age of 13 years old, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) puts parents in control. The Federal Trade Commission, United States' consumer protection agency, enforces the COPPA Rule, which spells out what operators of websites and online services must do to protect children's privacy and safety online.

We do not specifically market to children under the age of 13 years old.

Fair Information Practices

The Fair Information Practices Principles form the backbone of privacy law in the United States and the concepts they include have played a significant role in the development of data protection laws around the globe. Understanding the Fair Information Practice Principles and how they should be implemented is critical to comply with the various privacy laws that protect personal information.

In order to be in line with Fair Information Practices we will take the following responsive action, should a data breach occur: We will notify you via email• within 2 business days

We also agree to the Individual Redress Principle which requires that individuals have the right to legally pursue enforceable rights against data collectors and processors who fail to adhere to the law. This principle requires not only that individuals have enforceable rights against data users, but also that individuals have recourse to courts or government agencies to investigate and/or prosecute non-compliance by data processors.


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If we collect your email address it is in order to:• Send information, respond to inquiries, and/or other requests or questions

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If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, you can email us at support@crumptech.com and we will promptly remove you from ALL correspondence.

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